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Planning a proposal? Time to look for that ring? Congratulations!

Although an exciting time, we understand that it can also be an overwhelming one - especially when it comes to selecting the ring. 

At Skylarc Diamonds, a dedicated member of our team will guide and assist you from the initial "hellos" to the final "and here it is". With an in-depth knowledge of all-things-diamond, they are on-hand to answer all your questions.

To get you started, here is an overview of the process: 

01 Meet-up

After reaching out to us, we recommend organising a face-to-face meet-up - diamonds look better in person!

We know it can be hard to sneak away to look for an engagement ring and it can be daunting to approach a diamond dealer, so as to ensure your comfort and to suit your timetable, meetings are generally held at a location of your choosing. This can be your home, office, a quiet coffee shop or even your favourite bar.


Of course, if preferred, we would be happy to see you at our office (with prior appointment) and if you're overseas, we can arrange a zoom call at a time that suits you.

02 Sourcing your diamond

During the meet-up, we will discuss with you what you are looking for - including whether you are looking for a natural or lab-grown diamond. Not sure what a lab-grown diamond is? Check out our article "What are lab-grown diamonds?" 

Rest assured that we only stock diamonds of the highest quality. All diamonds for engagement rings come GIA or IGI certified. Click here to learn more about our diamonds

Whatever your specifications or budget, we are sure we will be able to assist. As Skylarc Diamonds are wholesalers as well and have access to over 20,000 diamonds, we offer all our diamonds at wholesale prices. 

03 Crafting your bespoke setting

After choosing your diamond, the next step is to select its setting. 

At Skylarc Diamonds, every engagement ring setting is bespoke, crafted by experienced artisans.

Not sure where to start? Breathe easy, we will be right here with you, to guide you through each component of your setting design. 


Know what you want? Take a look at guide on The Anatomy of a Ring to help you describe exactly what you are looking for. 

04 Get engaged!

Once your ring is ready, it will be provided in our signature ring box - ready for the exciting plans you have for it! 

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