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No sides.

No frills.

Simply exquisite diamonds.

We are all about the diamonds - and only about the diamonds. 
So whilst others may demand that you pick a side, natural or lab-grown - we offer you both as we believe all diamonds are gorgeous.

And whilst others may sell luxury with a luxe price-tag, we believe luxe is intrinsic in every diamond and offer all diamonds at wholesale prices - no frills. 


Meet Chris

Chris grew up in Sydney, Australia. In 2015, he moved to Hong Kong to continue his career as an international airline pilot. Effectively grounded as the pandemic struck, Chris was determined to continue to live life to the fullest - which included proposing to his partner. 

Given the uncertainty of those circumstances, and being surprised at the lack of choice amongst retailers in Hong Kong, Chris was keen to seek out a diamond direct from its source. 

After much searching and guidance from family well-established in the industry, he found the perfect diamond for his girlfriend (spoiler: she said yes!). Chris is now passionate about offering the same value, choice and guidance to others.

Meet Heidi

Also from Australia, is Heidi. As a child, Heidi loved collecting gemstones during travels around Australia with her family and could often be found scouring the local markets for gems as a perfect keepsake. That love for gems has grown into an obsession (how tastes refine as you age!)

Whilst of course gemstones were alluring to look at, it was the science behind the formation of gemstones that really captivated her and is passionate about sharing her knowledge about both natural and lab-grown diamonds. 

Skylarc Diamonds is a Category A Registrant Dealer in Precious Metals and Stones. Scan this QR code to verify our identity so you may shop at ease. 

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Here's a few things we think you should know about our diamonds...

Smart Snacking

Natural and Lab-Grown

We offer both natural and lab-grown diamonds.

Map in Grass


All our natural diamonds are sourced only from countries that participate in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme

Boy Raising Hand

GIA or IGI grading

All our certified diamonds (natural or lab-grown) are either graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or International Gemological Institute (IGI)


As Grown

All our 'colourless' diamonds are "as formed" or "as grown" only. That means they haven't been subject to any post-growth treatment. 


Please get in touch! We would be happy to provide a fee quote or answer any questions you may have. 

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